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Delighting Dance Students for 20+ Years

Mar 2022
Beautiful smooth floor, great music, friendly people. This place will make you WANT to learn to dance if you don't dance already!!
Dec 2023
Beautiful and clean studio. Amazing community and excellent teachers!
Mar 2022
My favorite place to do some latin dancing with incredibly nice and fun people.
Apr 2023
Great dance floor!
Mar 2024
We had a good first class with Ruslan. He is knowledgeable and agreeable, like all your dance instructors I have worked with so far. Really a pleasure.
Feb 2020
Great place to learn to dance.

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Our mission is to tailor your dance experience to your style and interests.
From social to competitive dancing, from Salsa and Bachata, to Argentine Tango to Rumba and Foxtrot – we have it all covered. We are highly-trained professionals with decades of competitive and teaching experience. Whatever your age, level and aspirations, we will help find the right fit for you.