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Jul 2021
Perfect class to learn Latin technique. Viktorya is an excellent teacher and you will learn so much in just one session!
Dec 2023
Danznik is easily the most remarkable dance space/studio I have EVER worked in and with. The studio physical space is large, gorgeous, is kept spotless and well-managed. There is space free for private lessons whenever the studio is open, even when the entire studio is rented out! They have to run a business but are incredibly accommodating to their teachers, to clients rehearsing, and to private instructors. It is remarkably and truly an inclusive, supportive family. Flexible, they make things work whenever there is any issue. The staff is supportive, positive, and a quite literally a joy to work with. The management and owners are accessible, friendly, and deftly adapt to the ever changing market while continuing to offer core courses and support (to all us OGs) Thank you, Nikolai and John.
Mar 2022
Amazing space! Good management and always great times at Danznik Studios! Highly recommended!!!
Apr 2023
My instructor shares his immense knowledge in American Smooth with passion and technical clarity. He dissects every part of arm styling, body activation and footwork in a relatable manner so that we can fully experience the essence of this dance. My husband and i take private lessons with him individually and as a couple. We improved exponentially in months!
Feb 2024
Went to a WCS dance called Flow Friday. It was well attended and the organizers Orian and Bekah, DJs, staff were awesome!
Jan 2024
Beautiful space with excellent teachers. The classes are very well structured. It’s amazing what you learn in just an hour. The community is supportive and welcoming even for absolute beginners such as myself!

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