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Jul 2019
Beautiful studio, excellent instruction - overall a top quality ballroom/dance studio to go to. Highly recommend it to anyone interested in dancing.
Oct 2023
Love the studio!
Feb 2024
What a great dancing experience! The instructor Josie for beginner's salsa is amazing, kind, warm and encouraging, as well as patient and informative. Eddie taught me my very first salsa class and helped me to properly learn the foundation steps and was very informative and knowledgeable in knowing many other dance styles. Nikolai helped me register for the first class and was very kind, warm, friendly and accommodating. I felt very welcomed. I would highly recommend this dance studio to others! They also teach other styles of dance such as bachata, tango, swing dancing and more!
Dec 2023
Danznik is easily the most remarkable dance space/studio I have EVER worked in and with. The studio physical space is large, gorgeous, is kept spotless and well-managed. There is space free for private lessons whenever the studio is open, even when the entire studio is rented out! They have to run a business but are incredibly accommodating to their teachers, to clients rehearsing, and to private instructors. It is remarkably and truly an inclusive, supportive family. Flexible, they make things work whenever there is any issue. The staff is supportive, positive, and a quite literally a joy to work with. The management and owners are accessible, friendly, and deftly adapt to the ever changing market while continuing to offer core courses and support (to all us OGs) Thank you, Nikolai and John.
Jun 2024
We can’t recommend Danznik enough! We worked with Alexei on a phenomenal wedding dance. He choreographed a dance to highlight our strengths and abilities. He worked through a process that allowed us to first get comfortable mastering the steps and then strung them together into a dance. We can’t wait to dance it at our wedding!
Oct 2013
Nikolai is an excellent teacher for both adults and children.

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