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with Carla Rigon


Gyrotonic is a unique, holistic approach to movement. Its circular and multi-directional movements make you less vulnerable to injuries, stress and micro-traumas. It helps improve your posture, balance and mobility. Increase your flexibility and strengthen your core to help elevate your dancing to the next level.


All levels and ages are welcome. Class will be led by Carla Rigon, a Master Trainer in GYROKINESIS® and a Specialized Master Trainer in GYROTONIC® . Carla has had the privilege of being trained by the founder, Juliu Horvath. She also worked with Pino Carbone, creator of the Art Form equipment, and served as his assistant in summer workshops from 2001-2003. Additionally, Carla’s training also includes Pilates and diverse dance techniques.

Dance better and healthier! Join our Gyrotonic class today.

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