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Cardio Tone & Zumba
with Erin Ringham


Cardio Tone

This is a one-hour, full body, low-impact, cardio and sculpting workout. No
weights are required; participants use body weight (and toning bands on occasion) for
resistance and a mat for floor work. The instructor, Erin Ringham, is a certified group fitness
instructor with the Athletics and Fitness Association of America.


This is a one-hour, calorie burning dance fitness workout that incorporates latin and
world rhythms. The class uses interval like movements alternating between high and low
impact and is designed to improve cardio and muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility. No
previous dance experience is required; just the desire to move and have fun! The instructor,
Erin Ringham, is certified to teach Zumba and Zumba Gold through the Zumba Instructor

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