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We are so happy to have you! 

First off, we want to reassure you that no matter your level, there is a place for you here. We accept everyone and love seeing new people embrace the art of dance. 

If you aren't sure where to begin, we hope this page will help guide you; Or, give us a call and someone at our front desk will happily talk you through you options. 


Ballroom Dancing

How Do You Best Learn? 

At Danznik, we offer two types of learning environments. 

  • Private Lessons: This option is best for those looking for individual attention and a curriculum that is crafted for your specific abilities and pace. Our 45 minute lessons provide one-on-one time spent with a professional focusing not only on the steps of your desired dance, but also your technique. Most of our students find that they progress the fastest through private lessons. Do you have a friend looking to learn to? Partner up as our private lessons allow for up to 2 people, giving you not only the ability to split the cost, but a dance buddy for our fun dance socials! 

  • Group Classes: This option is great for exploring different styles of dance. The group environment creates a relaxed atmosphere and a chance to learn a new dance with other newcomers like yourself.

Option 1: Get Your Toes Wet!

Danznik's Intro Package

Our Private Lesson introductory package will give you a broad view of what we offer in our studio. You will be introduced to different styles of music and basic dance moves to get you going. Polish your freshly learned moves in one of our group classes or social events.

The dance style and the pace will be customized to your taste and ability.


Some dances to choose from are (but not limited to):

Cha-Cha, Samba, Bachata, Merengue, Salsa, Waltz, Tango and Foxtrot and list goes on.


Let's find out together what's your Jam!


  • One full-lenth 45 minute private lesson (valued at $140)

  • Two free Danzpasses (valued at $60)

    • Danzpasses get you into a class or event of your choice. 

  • Access to studio amenities.
    Danznik's Intro Package is good for first time single students or first time couples.

 *If you buy online, be sure to call us at 212-500-1064 to be paired with the right instructor for your needs!

Option 2: Dive on In!

Danznik's Launch Package

Our Launch Package is the perfect way to begin your dance journey. The cost of this package normally covers the three private lessons, but as our way of helping you launch your dance journey, we are gifting you 10 dance classes and unlimited practice time for 30 days in our studio at no extra charge!

Unsure of which instructor to choose? Or perhaps, are you overwhelmed with the different group class options? Don't worry!  Give us a call and we will guide you through it. 


  • Three 45-minute private lessons

  • One month unlimited Danzpass

    • Access to all Danznik classes​

    • Admission to all dance parties

  • Thirty days of unlimited practice time

  • Access to studio amenities

Danznik's Intro Package is good for first time single students or first time couples.

*Call us at 212-500-1064 to purchase this package be paired with the right instructor for your needs! 

Group Glasses


Whether you select one of our starter packages, or simply want to explore group classes as a way of beginning your dance journey, we have an array of classes at both our Hawthorne and Manhattan locations.​

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