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Jes Ann Nail

Jes Ann Nail

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Jes Ann Nail has been dancing for over twenty-five years. She loves being creative through Dance, Art, Improv, and Photography.

Jes Ann loves West Coast Swing because of the unparalleled creativity, freedom, and musicality it allows. She currently travels across the nation competing in both Jack & Jill and Strictly Swing in order to bring the very best of the Swing Dance world to her students during private lessons, group classes, and workshops.

Jes enjoys connecting with her students and sharing the creativity and self-expression dance allows people to experience. She teaches with patience, adaptability, and open communication. She understands that each student has different needs, goals, and style, so she caters her instruction to each individual.

“I enjoy finding out how people work, what they need, and helping them to meet their creative and social dance goals to better their lives.”



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Dance Styles: West Coast Swing
Studio: NYC

Jes Ann Nail at Danznik Studios

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