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With over 15 years dedicating her life to teaching partner dance, Flouer has a ridiculous amount of experience teaching for both groups and individuals.  From huge ballrooms of hundreds of students to intimate classrooms of just a few couples; from long standing advanced partnerships to individuals who just started dancing, Flouer values it all.

She is known for her warm, encouraging way of challenging you to grow in your dancing.  She is known for her values of artistry and personal expression, complimented by her ability to break down any movement into incredibly specific detail.  Coming from an academic background, Flouer emphasises contextual dance history and loves offering simple yet profound ways to give structure to your personal improvisations.

And in the end of it all, she’ll help you use your partner dance skills as a metaphor for becoming more confident and relationally skilled in the rest of your life.

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Studio: NYC

Flouer Evelyn at Danznik Studios

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