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Lindy Hop / Swing

Lindy Hop, a vibrant and energetic dance style, traces its roots back to the jazz era. Celebrated for its playful spirit and rhythmic flair, it’s a partner dance that encourages improvisation and connection. From the classic big band sounds to modern jazz rhythms, Lindy Hop can be danced to a wide range of music, making it a favorite among dance enthusiasts of all ages.

Our Lindy Hop classes and events invite you to explore this lively dance form. Whether you’re a newcomer eager to learn or an experienced dancer looking to refine your skills, join us on the dance floor to celebrate the joy of Lindy Hop.

Lindy Hop / Swing Classes

Swing Crash Course - Sep 2023

Swing Crash Course with Paolo Lanna

Sat, Oct 14 • 2-3:30pm • NYC

In this accelerated content class, learn the original style of swing dance that was born in Harlem during the late 1920’s (The Lindy Hop, grandfather of Swing Dance). This introduces you to how to partner, how to lead and follow, plus learn the classic 6 & 8 count patterns.

Lindy Next Level - Sep 2023

Dips, Tricks & Patterns Swing Workshop with Paolo Lanna

Sat, Oct 14 • 3:30-5pm • NYC

Add stylish partner combinations and patterns to your swing vocabulary. Then, have fun with some tricks and dynamic dips that you can add to your social dancing. Techniques of counter-balance, grounding and responsibilities of leader and follow are studied for optimal execution of the material.

Paolo & Lauren

Swing & Lindy Hop with Lauren Bova

Thurs 7-8pm • Westchester

Learn lindy hop and swing styling, playful patterns, and helpful lead/follow techniques. 

Paolo & Lauren

Charleston with Lauren Bova & Paolo Lanna

Thursdays 8-9pm • Westchester

Learn Charleston styling and partnering combos to combine with your lindy hop.

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